Indian Literary Tradition

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The true test of creativity is the ability to particularize the universal and universalize the particular. Today, the choice for creative people is not between tradition and modernity but between one type of modernity and another. Indian metaphor, however, celebrated the wedding between tradition and modernity.

The epic makes its impact with its modern context and accent within the format of modernity. The epic treats all the source materials it gathers with empathy and restraint in an idiom acceptable to contemporary taste and temperament. For Valmiki and Vyasa, as for all Indian artists, tradition is the bloodstream of creativity.

What is common to the Indian metaphor group is their shared sense of tradition – tradition with its openness, resilience and infinite capacity for absorbing culture shocks. They use the past as foundation for the present and the present for the future. Thus they stand firmly by their intellectual affinities, though sharply divided by their aesthetic identities. Their work is sustained by the rhythms and resonances that the tradition puts into them, untainted by the clichés of pseudo-modernity.

It is nothing but the vital inspiration of India, which ultimately fuses the apparent contradictions into an acceptable form, that provides its people with an acceptable social, religious and political framework which sustains and delights all.