Theory of Order and its Importance

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There is a theory of order that is explored in the traditions of Yōga, Vāstu, Śilpa, Saïgīta, ñya, Tantra and Vēdānta. This theory postulates the intrinsic order or rhythm that connects the individual elements to the entire system, and follows a working methodology to create order in a chaotic environment so that healing and vibrancy may be established.

In music, the sādhaka learns in course of time to balance the Śruti and Laya to create a musical tapestry which is capable of evoking in the listener a deeper and higher state of consciousness. Over the time the musician learns the intricacies of Rāga and Tāla and develops his or her own method of balancing the notes to create a unique interpretation of the music. It is not always possible to create a great musician, but if grammar is safeguarded then it is possible to have pleasant music.